Green Cat 52


The Chantier de l’Arsenal owes its name to the meeting in 1997 between the Asselin company and Yacht Concept, who were involved in an extraordinary project: the identical reconstruction in the former Rochefort arsenal of the three-masted square-rigged Hermione, a famous warship from 1779 to 1793.
This collaboration highlighted the values shared by the two companies, based on the same passion, the demand for a job well done, and respect for people and the environment.
This year, Chantier de L’Arsenal announces the launch of the first Green Cat 52, a long-range sailing catamaran. Designed by architect Philippe Renaudeau, this pleasure catamaran is both particularly comfortable and very energy-efficient. At the request of an eco-responsible owner, this 1st Green Cat 52 has been fully equipped with a hybrid electric propulsion solution.

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